The Family Research Council is excited to announce a new partnership with Christian Tours of America (CTA) to offer “Lost Episodes” Spiritual Heritage Tours.

Why “Lost Episodes?” Ever missed an episode of your favorite program? Sometimes the key to the storyline going forward is found in that lost episode. So it is with the story of America. The key to understanding who we are as a nation and what made us great has been lost.

But here’s the good news: Now you and your church can take a “Christian Citizenship Mission Trip” to the birthplace of America, retrace the steps of our Founding Fathers, and walk the halls of our nation’s Capitol and recover these “Lost Episodes” from our nation’s amazing story. Along the way, we will uncover the deep Christian values of the people who made America great.

What others are saying:

Pastor: “The media will only give you one side, but we got to see what America was built on and see it in depth. The information he gave us blew my mind.”

Youth: “I particularly liked the Lost Episodes [Tour] for the additional insight that we received beyond what we find in our history books.”

Mom: “I’m a homeschool mom, and I’m going to go home and take this [Lost Episodes] with me to my other three children – it’s going to be awesome. I’m excited!”

About Dr. Kenyn Cureton: He served as a pastor for more than twenty years, creating “The Lost Episodes in American History,” a video driven curriculum, to inspire children and adults with stories from our Christian heritage and encourage engaged citizenship. He posts a daily “Lost Episode from American History” on the WatchmenPastors.org blog.

About CTA: Christian Tours of America offers travel experiences that bring the true story of what made America great into focus for church groups. Our combined experience has produced thousands of successful tours. They are experts in American Educational Journeys.

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