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Sermon Starters

Cultural Engagement

"Fulfilling Our Cultural Mandate" - Dr. Richard Land

"God & Caesar" - Dr. Laurence White

"Double Time Before the Storm" - Dr. Alec Rowlands


"Prayer that will Rock the Church" - Dr. Kenyn Cureton

"Solemn Assembly" - Richard Owen Roberts


"Restoring the Cradle of Liberty" - Tony Perkins

"Fighting Abortion: The Measure of a Just Society" - Tony Perkins

"God at Work in Every Womb" - John Piper

"Love Your Unborn Neighbor" - John Piper

"What Is Man? Reflections on Abortion and Racial Reconciliation" - John Piper

"When Is Abortion Racism?" - John Piper

"The Sin of Silence" - Dr. Laurence White

"In Him Was Life" - Rev. Dale Lee

"Choose Life" - Dr. Kenyn Cureton

Choose Life PowerPoint

Sanctity of Life Bulletin Insert - ESV

Sanctity of Life Bulletin Insert - KJV

Marriage and Family

Strengthening Marriage Bulletin Insert – ESV

Strengthening Marriage Bulletin Insert - KJV

"God's Design for Marriage and Family" - Dr. John Guest

"The Mystery of Marriage" - Dr. Albert Mohler

"Marriage from Genesis to Revelation" - John Stemberger, Esq.

"One Flesh" - Rev. Peter Sprigg

"Marriage Sunday" - Dr. Clayton Cloer (This resource includes instructions on a vow renewal ceremony for your church)

"Biblical Foundations of the Marriage Debate" - Dr. Jim Garlow

“Stand for Marriage” - Dr. Kenyn Cureton

"Greatest of these is Love" - Dr. Kenyn M. Cureton

"Why God Hates Divorce" - Pastor Jim Tonkowich

"How to Divorce-Proof Your Marriage" - Pastor Rod MacIlvane

Religious Liberty

Religious Freedom Day Video (1/16)

Religious Freedom Day Bulletin Insert (1/16)

"Unleashing the Voice of the Church"  - Dr. Kenyn Cureton

"Unleashing the Voice of the Church" PowerPoint - Dr. Kenyn Cureton

Christian Heritage

"In God We Trust"  - Dr. Kenyn Cureton

"When the Foundations are being destroyed, what can the Righteous Do?" - Dr. Kenyn Cureton

Values Voting

"The Soul of America: For Such a Time as This" - Dr. Laurence White

"Vote Your Values Message" - Dr. Kenyn Cureton

Other Issues

March Bulletin Insert: Supreme Court

"What Is Man? Reflections on Abortion and Racial Reconciliation" - John Piper

"An Uncomfortable Truth: Global Warming or God's Warning" - Tony Perkins

"Faithful Responses to Illegal Immigration in the United States" - James Edwards

"Gambling: Dare We Mention It In Church?" - Rev. Dallas Henry

"What Does God Say About War" - Dr. Kenyn Cureton


"Risen Christ" (Resurrection Day) - Dr. Kenyn Cureton

"How to have Maximum Patriotic Impact" (July 4) - Dr. Kenyn Cureton

"Patriot Day Message" (9/11) - Dr. Kenyn Cureton

Patriot Day Bulletin Insert 

"Thanksgiving in America" - Dr. Kenyn Cureton

"Unto Us a Child Is Born" - Dr. Kenyn Cureton

Unto Us a Child Is Born PowerPoint

"Gifts of Christmas" - Dr. Kenyn Cureton

Gifts of Christmas PowerPoint

"What is the Big Deal about Christmas?" (Video) - Dr. Kenyn Cureton